Nov 19, 2010

Straight to 8: Manny Pacquiao wins his 8th Division title over Antonio Margarito

In front of 41,734 fans at the Cowboy Stadium; a David and Goliath match up brutally ended, when Manny Pacquiao won a unanimous decision over a battered and bloodied Antonio Margarito, to capture his 8th title in 8 weight divisions.  

Even though having a 17 pound weight advantage, Margarito was outclassed and out boxed by the congressman from Sarangani.

“I did my best, He’s strong. He’s a very tough fighter.” said Pacquiao, who already won world titles at 112, 122, 126, 130, 135, 140, 147 and now 154 pounds making him the first boxer ever to be called an octuple champion.

Pacquiao landed 474 of his 1069 punches, was looking at referee Laurence Cole late in the fight, asking him to stop it.

Margarito,on the other hand,  who only landed a measly, 28% of his punches, suffered a fractured orbital bone with several cuts and bruises to his face and was rushed to the hospital shortly after the fight.

“I gave it all I had, but unfortunately I was not able to get the victory over the best fighter in the world,” Margarito said. “As I said before the fight, I was never going to quit and tried to win this fight to the very last minute.”

Pacquiao said, this will not be his last fight, as fight fans are still looking forward for his matchup with Mayweather Jr.

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