Mar 4, 2011

Courtship and Dating: Pinoy Style

In the modern world, everything is instant. We all want things to move as quickly as possible. Instant noodles, instant mail, fastfood, internet, text, and yes even girlfriends and babies. You name it, everything now comes in an instant.

Let's focus on relationships; with all of this speed, we tend to forget the values of patience, the thrill of every step, and the triumph of conquer. We miss out on the greatest things life has to offer. I know some of you are saying "i'm old school" or "are you 90?" , but this is the real value of living the "Buhay Pinoy". 

Here's another clip from Mikey Bustos as he explains the ins-and-outs of Filipino romance and the traditional way dating.

I don't know if this style still exist, but I'm happy to see some Pinoy's still adopt to the "slow river of love" even if they are abroad with the environment and peer pressure they are handling. My hat off to Mikey, a real cool video and a reminder of our beautiful culture and helping the young generating of who we really are.

Let's not allow our traditional ways be sucked by the western culture of "instant gratification" coz' life isn't about short cuts to our destinations but its the journey that really counts.


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  2. filipina women are sincere and honest.


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