Mar 7, 2011

Mamiit remains hopeful despite loss; Promising future for RP Tennis

Every Filipino was praying for a win in the final events of the Davis cup of the Philippines and Japan, but all went unanswered, as Japan's Go Soeda moved on to beat the Philippines in a tie by beating a fatigued Cecil Mamiit 7-6(5), 6-2, 3-6, 6-3.

But its not yet the end for our Pinoy tennis contingent, as they will face a playoff round with New Zealand to stay afloat in the group stages. In his statements in the philippine star,  Team captain Mamiit remains hopeful amidst the defeat.
“Although we lost, we showed them that we could compete against their level given the proper support and training. This is just the start and we will prove to them that we deserve to be in Group I.”

Supporting Cast?
The team can very well compete at this high standard, but they have a very shallow support cast. Mamiit, played the 2 single matches and another doubles match with Treat Huey, compiling 12 sets in 3 days. Cecil cannot be a one man army, he cannot beat Japan all by himself (no disrespect to his teammates). Japan had its players well rested having a separate team for the doubles, taking then an advantage on the tired Mamiit, the following day.         

Let's all continue to hope for the best for our Philippine team, tennis is not such a popular sport in this basketball crazed country, but I think it is one of the sports that we could excel as Filipinos. I think now is the right time for Philippine Sports  to flourish, like football that is now gaining grounds, tennis could turn heads and develop for a promising future. 

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