Mar 7, 2011

The "Telenovela Effect"

Why are we Filipinos so in love with "telenovelas"?

Since I was a kid, telenovelas have been a part of my life, I remember shows in the 80's like, "dayuhan", Flordeluna, Analuna, Agila, Mula sa Puso, gosh and so much more, even Korean and Mexican Soaps do not escape our love affair with daily drama. Well do you think we are having a telenovela overdose?

I recently came across a video in youtube of a kid, crying over the death of a protagonist in a telenovela. This is a classic example of the emotional link we Filipino's have on telenovelas. 

The Primetime shows start from around 7pm to 10pm..3 to hours of nonstop soaps (and I'm not even counting the ones during the day). Soaps are making a big impact in our daily lives, even creating a big impact on how we work the next day. If the the episode the day before was tragic or makes you want to throw a shoe on the TV, It would instantly become a hot topic the next day or even drive some to boiling points.

In a recent article from the Manila Bulletin, DepEd secretary Armin Luistro challenged the giant TV networks to focus more on the literacy of our people.
“Now, we see more telenovas but I appeal to them to at least designate enough air time to focus on literacy programs to address illiteracy problems among our people.”
It may seem funny at first, but fell sorry for the kid on the video, its probably bed time for her already, since they show this on a weekday and she may have class tomorrow. This might even take an emotional toll on the kid, at her young age experiencing a tragic event on TV. On the other hand, this might be good for us as  a part of our Pinoy coping mechanisms in dealing with poverty and keeps us sane from all the daily grinds of life.

I think what's important is we learn our lessons in the end of the story, and move on from that.


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