May 4, 2012

"Phil so Good", French Singer Julien Drolon and Rhian Ramos promote a Beautiful Philippines

I was reading the Daily Inquirer today and I got a glimpse on this story about a French artist named Julien Drolon and his song "Phil So Good" and how he promoted the Philippines as a beautiful country. The songs' music video is posted below, it has been posted on Youtube around March, and I just got to see it today.

To add more beauty to the MTV, the song also featured actress Rhian Ramos, with her rapping in English and Tagalog it really made the song sound really good. Mix it with a pretty face and a Hot body...equals an awesome video really worth watching. 

"Phil So Good" as a title is very appropriate and creative at that the word Phil fit in well with FEEL as it describes how amazing and Fun the Philippines is.

The song was in French/English/Tagalog...the mix sound really awesome! He featured the different places and food in the Philippines, like Cebu, Davao and Palawan.

The 30 year old singer/song writer was even quoted as saying, "The Philippines is the land of music in Asia". he even added, " In France we don't live music the way Filipinos do.

Drolon, has been in the country for a while, and has even made a cover of the song "Ipagpatawad mo", with the gorgeous Venus Raj.

This is indeed a big boost to our Tourism Industry as it continues to turn heads in the International scene. To sum it up let me again quote Julien Drolon, " More than the places, its the people that made me come back again and again"

Thank you Julien...Mabuhay Ka!! 


  1. "The people that makes him come back." Filipinos are truly i1mpressive race. Proud to be one!
    Nice report. Followed you! Kindly do the same at mine:

  2. Hi Joy! Mabuhay ka! Salamat! Just followed you. Hope you share me to your friends! like me on facebook as well!

    "Sisikapin kong maging isang TUNAY na PILIPINO..."

  3. Sana may translations...

  4. ok! saw this in a blog....pls visit!


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