May 4, 2012

CNN Eye On the Philippines: The World is Watching

The world now is watching the Philippines!

Cnn's EYE ON is aimed at the 7, 107 islands of the Philippines. The news network giant will cover everything Philippines from Music, sports, documentaries, videos, statistics and so much more!

Eye On has been keeping eye on different countries around the world and now the Pinoys get to have its share of the spotlight. This might have good and bad effects on the country's bid to salvage its tourism industry, economy and third world image.   

Below is one of the interesting documentaries posted on the website. This tackles the issue of Population and how the government is trying to solve this problem, especially with the clashing of the Church and the RH bill supporters.

We cannot hide the sad truth of our situation, but we have to face it and do something about it. Now that we get to feel what in means to be under a microscope, lets try to show our pride in the great things our country has to offer and accept the unfortunate realities it drags with it.

Eye on schedules on CNN are posted here.

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