May 17, 2012

Will the stars align for Jessica Sanchez's American Idol Dream?

As she entered the top 3 together with Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips, Jessica has now emerged as a favorite to win it all in this popular talent reality show. I know people still have doubts if whether she will make it to the finals or not, this is because of the "racial" factor! but to those who believe in DESTINY...hope springs.

Speaking of destiny, will the stars align for Jessica Sanchez on American Idol 11? will the stars intervene to propel her to stardom!

Let us see....

Jessica Sanchez was Born under the sign of Leo in the year of the Ox (August 4, 1995), so what does her signs tell her in 2012?

As an Ox, in the Chinese zodiac she is seen as a hardworker and is a peace advocate. Favorable signs are upcoming for this year according to,

In 2012, the Ox is surrounded by the stars of heavenly mercy, good fortune, and happiness. Even if instances of conflict or jealousy arise in which you feel misunderstood, you don't need to fight a lonely battle as long as you let unpleasant or discouraging words roll off of you. Like a deft martial artist, deflect rather than absorb the attacks and you will remain unharmed and feel an overall sense of peace. sees Jessica to be a raging Bull on a mission.

Bull's work in 2012 can be called a mission - so solemn and important that a representative of this zodiac sign will do all that is required to move forward.
 The Western sign of Leo, views her as courageous, confident and ambitious. For 2012 has this to say,

The position of the Saturn and Uranus for the Leo Horoscope 2012 highlights that all your plans for which you have been working for past two years would reach its fruition.

Great opportunities would be there on your way. The position of the Sun too is favorable, which adds reinforces energy and zeal.
Hmmm, it seems that the opportunities for Jessica are coming to unfold, weather she will get the American Idol crown or not, her career is going to boom from now on!

We will be looking forward for her career...GO Jessica!!

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