May 21, 2012

David Archuleta Sings Side A's Forevermore and Nandito Ako

We always hear Pinoy's making their own rendition of foreign songs, to name some like, Regine Velasquez's "I don't wanna miss a thing", Arnel Pineda singign Journey songs and so much more. But how many times do we hear a Pinoy made song being sang by "popular" foreign artists?

I know, I know...why did I highlight the word Popular, coz there are artists like "the Hoff", who made an album here and even sang Pinoy songs...gosh they really suck.  

Hearing an all time favorite song being sang by a reputable singer gives that song a more positive effect, meaning the song was really good that, this artist chose this particular song to make his own rendition.

I'm actually talking about David Archuleta's rendition of "Forevermore".

Although I still loved the original by "Side A", Archuleta brings this fresh flavor to it, that makes it more palatable to the young pinoy ear. Now the world can listen to really good, world class OPM!

He also sang a Tagalog classic OPM song in "Nandito ako!" (I am Here)

Nice choice David!


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