Jun 5, 2012

5 reasons why Pacquiao Should Beware of Bradley

Most of Boxing fans would probably view this upcoming Pacquiao-Bradley Fight as another one sided slug fest where the pacman would either disfigure another opponent or play another "punch my forearms" type of game.

But overconfidence is the one thing Manny Pacquiao should be avoiding this coming week as Bradley is cooking up something for the fight of his career.

My first impression of Bradley was....Bradley who??

Manny should not underestimate this guy. Here are my top 5 reasons Why Pacquiao should take Bradley seriously.

1. He's Undefeated

  • at 28-0, Manny should not take this guy lightly. Bradley has beaten bigger fighters, faster fighters and even more experienced fighters than he is, so Manny should put his guard up always.

2. He's a Champion

  • I remember a quote form Rudy Tomjanovic "Never underestimate the heart of a champion". I know Manny is the heavy favorite in this fight, but lets also consider Bradley is a Light Welterweight Champion. He earned his way to become one and this should not be taken lightly. 

3. He's Younger

  • At 29, Bradley is in his prime. He's quick and has good Boxing IQ. If Pacman thinks this is just another walk in the park, he better think twice.

4. He's unpredictable

  • Bradley has a very unorthodox style. He can fight aggressive or even be a counter puncher. He has a history of headbutts which Manny should beware. remember, Manny lost to Morales the first time due to a bad cut that hindered his right eye.

5. He's nickname is a "war operation"

  • Gosh, anybody with the nickname "Desert storm" should be taken seriously, especially if you nickname is a video game character. 

A lot of us are already looking beyond this fight, everybody wants Mayweather to have the balls to deal with Manny; But remember, Manny started out by beating Barrera. He was a nobody then, but that game shook the boxing world and took it by surprise. Manny should learn from that experience, he should not treat Bradley like Barrera undermined him. Or else, he won't know what hit him.

Let's continue to Support Manny, Kapit Bisig mga Kababayan! June 9!

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