Jul 3, 2012

Guinness Declares "Lolong" as Largest Crocodile in Captivity

Last year around September, I can still vividly recall myself glaring at that huge photo of "Lolong", tied in straps of wood with a man trying to measure him with his wingspan. Just today, Guinness has declared the beast as the "largest crocodile in captivity". It was captured last year in the town of Agusan Del Sur, in the Southern Island of Mindanao. Its official measurement was 20.24 ft, or 6.17m and weighing at around 1,075 kg or 2,370lbs, breaking the previous record held by Cassius, a 5.48m Australian salt water Crocodile. 

The public seems to be mixed in the perception of the status of Lolong. Some would say that he would be better off in a zoo rather than be in an Eco-Park setting. What's the difference anyway?? 

Personally, I think he should be placed in a more secure and stable environment owned by a large international wildlife facility where he would be better taken care of instead of just being used as a tourist attraction for the benefit of a selected few. 
What's crazy about this crocodile is that now he gets the super star treatment and a Guinness record just because it was suspected to have eaten a young girl...what a sad reality.

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