May 11, 2011

Johnoy Danao: A Fresh Breeze of OPM

When was the last time you fell in love with a Filipino song? Where it just keeps repeating itself over and over again in your head, even to the point that you would not realize that you are already singing inside a jeepney, eyes closed, and everybody is staring at you.

Let me talk to you about one of my new favorite OPM artist, Johnoy Danao. He has one of the songs that can make me stop and think about "the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees". His voice is so smooth and cool, that every time he hits a note, you feel a snowflake brushing your cheeks.

Its been a long time since I have heard very good quality OPM songs that really struck me, that really makes me feel good about listening to Tagalog songs, and makes me proud of how emotionally diverse can our lyrics become. Unlike the mainstream slapstick music sang by some noon time show host. With Johnoy, I can feel that APO Hiking Society, Noel Cabangon, and Gary Granada feel to it.

In 2009 one of Johnoy's songs "Ikaw at ako" (my current fave) was used as a theme song for the Indie film Labing-Labing, starring the late Johnny Delgado and Laurice Guillen. It talks about the simple yet complex journey of Love, Commitment, and Relationships.

In December 2010 he released his first album "Dapithapon" featured songs that are I can say, truly Pinoy...songs like "Ulan", "Pare Mare", "Kahapon". He was featured several times at Good times with Mo and Mo twister's Podcast. He also has his own renditions of foreign songs that are all in youtube.

So if you want to get more of Johnoy Danao just visit his website

Thank you Johnoy for bringing back the true Pinoy Music! Awsome! 

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  1. I always fell inlove with Filipino songs lalo na yung mga luma na, pag napapakinggan ko sila sumasabay ako. Ma-request nga din to sa favorite online radio stations ko. :)


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