May 10, 2011

KIng of the Ring: Pacquiao on top of the World

In his 16 years of slugging it out with famous boxer after famous boxer, Manny Pacquiao has climbed the Mt. Olympus of Boxing and is planning to stay there for a very long time.

At aged 32, he is in his prime and has demolished some of the great boxers of this generation, including the recent demolishion of the "mos(t)ley running","mos(t)ley evading" Sugar Shane Mosley; the Knock-out in the 3rd round ended the mostly boring remaining rounds and was already the end of the aged legend.

The perineal question is who can stand up to Manny Pacquiao? Is there anyone worthy?

The name of Floyd Mayweather has been resounding for the past few years, and boxing fans are more than hungry for that bout to happen. But will it? After pacquaio's fight with Cotto rumors started to spread about the fight but Floyd wanted Manny to undergo Olympic style drug tests. It seemed that if Floyd was trying to evade Pacquiao making all of these excuses. In fact, during the PAcquiao-Mosley fight Floyd was caught tweeting:

Floyd Mayweather
Everyone watch Lady Gaga tonight on the best network in the world, HBO. 9p/8c.

As for Manny, he told the press after the fight that he doesn't care about the fight (with Floyd) and is very satisfied with what he has achieved in his boxing career. He now is making serious efforts to build on his political career as a congresman, and make his already heroic status a notch higher.

Yes many people would want to see the fight happen, but with all the statements and body language in both camps, this dream fight might fizzle out and will haunt all boxing fans for decades to come.

From all your boxing fans here in the Philippines Manny, we are proud of you! Congratulations!

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