Mar 1, 2011

Filipino Photographer enters NatGeo Finals

I love photography, it is one of my personal hobbies and a way of self expression.

I saw this article in yahoo philippines today about a photograph that entered Finals of the NatGeo photo contest. The photo was owned by a Filipino by the name of Yen Baet. The young photographer, who is based in England but is originally from Ozamiz City, captured a landscape shot of a village in "the blue hour", a time between day and night.

photo below:

Although the voting is only for US residents, let's help our dear kababayan in her pursuit to give Honor to the country. 
 “To us Filipinos, one ‘kababayan’s’ pursuit for achievement is everyone’s hope for a proud nation. I hope that holds true with what I am trying to achieve right now as I am hoping to win your support here as well,” said Baet
You will be asked to register, but the process is simple and does not COST anything. 
pls click on the site and vote for her:



  1. did he make it?

  2. yes she did, pls see my latest post


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