Mar 1, 2011

The Pilipino accent, Bow.

I just saw this funny video in Youtube. Its a funny fact about the Filipino.

Decades of American influence allowed us to speak the English language, but the 300 years under Spanish rule made our English, quite scattered. We are probably second to India as the largest English speaking country in Asia, (although some may disagree) we do not have a distinct accent unlike the Indians...well until this video came out.

I know its a bit insulting to some, but i find it funny, but true. Even though the call center industry is booming in the Philippines, our standards of the English language in some areas of the country do sound like this. This is true in depressed areas and places where English books are not read frequently. Thanks to television and text messaging, some people are getting the hang of it.

My question to all the reader's is: How good are we in speaking English compared to other countries with English as their second Language?

1 comment:

  1. hahaha.. superb. very true, i like it.


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