Jan 27, 2012

Pinoy Chess GM Oliver Barbosa wins Delhi Tournament

Good news for sports today, as 6th Seed GM Oliver Barbosa bagged the trophy of the 10th Parsvnath International Delhi Chess Open after beating Indian International Master Shyam Nikil. He was followed in second by fellow Pinoy, John Paul Gomez after beating Lalith Babu of India.

The young UP standout took home an awesome 2 lakh rupees which is equivalent to approximately 172,674.26 php. Not bad actually for a first prize. 

Here are the Final Standings for the tournament:

(1)       GM Oliver Barbosa of Philippines
(2)       GM Gomez John Paul of Philippines
(3)       IM Lalith Babu M R of India
(4)       GM Mark Paragua of Philippines
(5)       Ma Qun of China
(6)       GM Andrei Deviatkin of Russia
(7)       Zeng Chongsheng of China
(8)       IM Vaibhav Suri of India
(9)       IM Shyam Nikil of India
(10)     GM Abhijit Kunte of India

Below is the actual awarding ceremony of the tournament where Oliver was awarded the trophy and had a short interview (34:07)

Congratulations to our very own Oliver Barbosa...We are Proud of you!


  1. morepower congrats, to all winners also to those who did not made it. again poor filipinos who luck support from our sport autorities and media to promote and show the world who we really are. god bless and all the best brave hearts!.

  2. Watch out and expect more from our Grand Masters...they are still young and full of Potential


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