Feb 23, 2011

On the Rise: Donaire is now 3rd Pound-For-Pound

Well its about time....

Nonito "Filipino Flash" Donaire, is now ranked 3rd in Ring Magazines' pound-for-pound rating after demolishing Fernando Montiel in 2 rounds a few days ago. He now stands behind Floyd Gay...ehem, Mayweather Jr., and fellow pinoy Manny Pacquiao.

Before the raise, Donaire was ranked 5th, which I consider underrated. I think Donaire should be ranked second, since Floyd is having personal issues and eventually is going to be inactive, since he's avoiding a matchup with Pacquiao.

Donaire is now considered as the best Bantamweight in the world, proving he is someone to be reckoned with in the future. As for his next fight, it would be a choice for him to go for undisputed by challenging current WBA Bantaweight Champion Anselmo Moreno or IBF's Joseph Agbeko. He could also go up in weight to featherweight meeting with a future showdown against unbeaten Juan Manuel Lopez, which is a sure sellout.

Below is the current Pound-for-pound list from Ring Magazine:   

Pound for Pound
  1. Manny Pacquiao

    Country: Philippines (General Santos City)

    Record: 52-3-2 (38 KOs)

    Ranking: This Week: 1 | Last Week: 1 | Weeks On List: 377

    Titles: WBO

  2. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    Country: USA (Las Vegas)

    Record: 41-0-0 (25 KOs)

    Ranking: This Week: 2 | Last Week: 2 | Weeks On List: 75

  3. Nonito Donaire

    Country: USA (San Leandro, Calif.)

    Record: 26-1-0 (18 KOs)

    Ranking: This Week: 3 | Last Week: 5 | Weeks On List: 95

  4. Sergio Martinez

    Country: Argentina

    Record: 45-2-2 (24 KOs)

    Ranking: This Week: 4 | Last Week: 3 | Weeks On List: 43

    Titles: WBC, The Ring

  5. Juan Manuel Marquez

    Country: Mexico

    Record: 52-5-1 (38 KOs)

    Ranking: This Week: 5 | Last Week: 4 | Weeks On List: 206

    Titles: WBA, WBO, The Ring

  6. Pongsaklek Wonjongkam

    Country: Thailand

    Record: 78-3-1 (42 KOs)

    Ranking: This Week: 6 | Last Week: 6 | Weeks On List: 43

    Titles: WBC, The Ring

  7. Wladimir Klitschko

    Country: Ukraine

    Record: 55-3-0 (49 KOs)

    Ranking: This Week: 7 | Last Week: 8 | Weeks On List: 27

    Titles: IBF, WBO, The Ring

  8. Timothy Bradley

    Country: USA (Palm Springs, Calif.)

    Record: 27-0-0 (11 KOs)

    Ranking: This Week: 8 | Last Week: 9 | Weeks On List: 23

    Titles: WBO

  9. Juan Manuel Lopez

    Country: Puerto Rico

    Record: 29-0-0 (26 KOs)

    Ranking: This Week: 9 | Last Week: 10 | Weeks On List: 14

    Titles: WBO

  10. Giovani Segura

    Country: USA

    Record: 26-1-1 (22 KOs)

    Ranking: This Week: 10 | Last Week: NR | Weeks On List: 1

    Titles: WBO

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