Sep 24, 2012

Philippines Host 4 Nation Peace Cup Opens Tomorrow

For the first time since the epic win against Vietnam, the Philippines will host a Football Tournament in  home ground!

Called the Philippine Football Peace Cup, it was actually made to compensate for the Long Teng Cup, which was supposed to happen in Taiwan around this month but was cancelled. 

The four nation teams for the tournament will run from September 25 - 29, 2012 and will be participated by the Philippines, Chinese Taipei, Macau and Guam.  

Below is the Schedule for the Tournament:

September 25 (Tuesday): Opening Day
Match 1 (4pm) - Chinese Taipei vs. Macau 
Match 2 (7:30) - Philippines vs Guam

September 27 (Thursday)
Match 1 (4pm) - Chinese Taipei vs. Guam
Match 2 (7:30) - Macau vs. Philippines

September 29 (Saturday)
Match 1 (4pm) - Guam vs. Macau
Match 2 (7:30) - Chinese Taipei vs Philippines

Tickets are available at Ticketworld.

The games are part of the Azkals' preparation for the upcoming Suzuki Cup in November. 

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