Dec 2, 2010

RPG Metanoia: The Philippine's first Full length CG animated 3D Movie

A full length CGI animated movie made in the Philippines? and its 3D? Is this for real?!! Believe it or not, it is real!! Fiinally, the first ever fully 3D animatd movie will become a reality this coming Christmas season, as Star Cinema will introduce an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival, RPG Metanoia.

Official Poster  

Who can forget the 2D animated movies like Dayo, Ibong Adarna and Urduja, which I even thought were among the best in Philippine Animation. RPG Metanoia is truly a breakthrough in Philippine Cinema, showcasing to the world the best talent of Filipino animators.


Meet Nico, an 11 year old boy who lives a simple life with his family and friends. Shy and has a low self esteem, he cannot keep up with sports or even talk to girls his age, making him consider himself a loser in the real world. 

He then finds refuge in an Online game called Metanoia, a rightful escape from the everyday grind he faces. Here he names himself Zero, a yo-yo wielding hero who is agile and oozing with confidence, winning battles and accomplishing great obstacles. A far cry from the real life he is living.

Together with his faithful friends, Mark, Daniel, Bryan, Bobby and May they journey in this alternate world only to discover the true value of friendship, family, and the courage to unleash his true potential.

Starring Zaijan Jaranilla as Nico and the voices of Aga Mulach, Vhong Navarro, Eugene Domingo, Mika De la Cruz, Jairus Aquino, Aaron Junatas, Basty Alcances. Directed by Luis Suarez.

check out Official Trailer:

A collaboration with Ambient media and Thaumatrope animations. RPG Metanoia is going to be a Christmas delight for all ages. Showing during the Christmas week together with all the entries of the MMFF in your favorite theaters. 

Hopefully this will be the beginning of more to come that will put the Philippines in the world's animation map. A movie every Filipino should be proud of. 


For more please visit RPG Metanoia's official website


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