Feb 20, 2011

Flash bomb: Knocking out Montiel in 2, Donaire's defining moment

It truly ended in a "flash".

I was watching the fight on TV today, i never saw the knockdown. I turned around to pick up chips when I heard the resounding roar in the background. The next thing I knew, 
Montiel was on the canvas with seconds left on the clock, twitching, as if having a convulsion. His eyes were bulging, either shocked of the knock down or he was trying to tell his body to stand up...but to no avail.

A deep sense of awe of the lightning quick left hook struck me. Montiel was in trouble, and as soon as he stood up, I knew it was the end. On the other hand, it was a defining moment for the Filipino Flash. No longer is he going to be under the shadow of Manny Pacquiao, but rather a co-heir as Icons of Filipino Boxing.  

Donaire won both WBO and WBC bantamweight titles, and in stunning fashion. Aiming to be the first undisputed filipino champion, Nonito has set himself appart from other Filipino boxers following the footsteps of Pacquiao. He came out prepared for the bout, outclassing the Mexican in speed, quickness and tactics. On the replay, Montiel looked stiff, while
Donaire combined footwork with handspeed, and caught Montiel with a miscalcualtion and connected the powerful left hook.

Donaire predicted a six round knock out, which I thought was absurd because it was "Montiel"...I predicted it to be a 12 round chess match between the 2 Grandmasters of boxing but I was wrong. He actually had in mind the 2nd round to crush Montiel.

“I told Robert before Christmas,” Donaire said afterward. “I just put it in my head. It was just ‘Two. Two. Two. Two. Two.’ The thing is, though, I needed to be strong, becausethat two could have turned into a two for me. But I wasn't going to let that happen.”
“I pretty much memorized where he was going to be, where his head was going to be. I knew when the time came, my punch was going to land and that is what happened.”

Now the Filipino has another boxer to look forward to in the future. A new age has begun. The age of The Filipino Flash.

Here's another look at the beautiful knock down.

Onward Nonito Donaire!! 

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