Jul 5, 2011

Discover Bacolod Episode 1: The NFEFI Sanctuary

When I began this blog, one of the most inspiring motivations for me was to really spread to the whole world how great of a country the Philippines is, and how warm, wonderful, talented and world class is the Filipino. 

The billboard outside the NFEFI sanctuary
Today I will start a series of featured articles dedicated to the beauty of the Philippines islands, and how fitting it would be to start this journey with my home town of Bacolod City. Bacolod City is best known for the "chicken Inasal", Masskara Festival and all the mouth watering sweet delights that every sweet tooth would enjoy. Today I will start with a most unlikely of places that only few people know, the NFEFI Center.


The vision began in 1984, when a group of concerned citizens started a "Save our Forest" movement. This eventually gave birth to the NFEFI (Negros forest and Ecological Foundation inc). Since then, NFEFI has tirelessly spearheaded reforestation projects, captive breeding of endangered species and research projects.

Getting there

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This is not a hard place to find, the NFEFI is located at the heart of the city, near the south side of the Capitol Lagoon. You'll know your there when you see the huge billboard of a Bird outside the center's enclosure. 

Upon arriving you have to pay an entrance fee that is just pocket change. The place is the closest that bacolod has for a Zoo, and for the cheap entrance fee, don't expect a breath taking site.


Inside the facility, you will be treated by a delight of animale diversity, from wild boars to eagles and Deers, wild cats, all endangered and endemic only to the Forests of Negros.

Despite the small facility and the few numbers of animals, NEFI's goal is to promote the education and and conservation of these species and preservation of the Negros Forrest.

They also have a number of programs that concerned citizens, schools and civic groups can join. These includes, adopting a tree, adopting an animal or becoming a NFEFI volunteer. You can visit their website here

So, If you are a nature enthusiast, animal lover, or just even plain curious of the City of Bacolod and the Island of Negros Occidental and you happen to stop by, don't forget to check this place out. Its really worth every minute of your time.

Onward Bacolod! Onward Negros!

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