May 31, 2011

Rizal's works are Penguin Classics

On June 19, 2011 We will be celebrating the 150th Birthday of our very own National Hero, Jose Rizal. One of the things that really stood out about Rizal, was not only his life but also his literary works. 

Recently, Penguin, the world renowned publisher of literary classics is going to release El Filibusterismo as part of its Literary Classics. Done in a new translation by the Executive Director of the National Book Foundaion, Harold Augenbraum. El Filibusterismo is the second book of Rizal published by Penguin, which has already released the English translation of  "Noli Me Tangere" last year.  

The Philippine Consulate General in New York and a group of Filipino American professionals in New York, will launch the book to the Filipino American community at the Philippine Center on Fifth Avenue on the evening of June 16, 2011.

Penguin Classics’ El Filibusterismo will be available anywhere books are sold in the US, and in the Philippines, at National Bookstore, Powerbooks and Fully Booked starting June 1st, when it joins Noli Me Tangere in the roster of Penguin Classics.

Below is a clip of the First few lines of Noli read by Stephen Morrison, Penguin Editor-in-chief and Associate Publisher.


  1. The multi-talented idealistic revolutionary, or literary insurgent, known as the National Hero of the Philippines, had written two major books (novels) which is known throughout the world since 1890 our to this second millennium. Inclusion of these two novels to other book publishers in Americas and Europe should have been done but to no avail. We should have seen these in the defunct Gilberton Company's well-known comic book = CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED, which perhaps Hollywood producers like Steven Spielberg, Martin Skorsese, or Mel Gibson might get interested to make each of these novels into a full-length feature film. Thanks to PENGUIN BOOKS for their inclusion of NOLI ME TANGERE and EL FILIBUSTERISMO as truly and genuinely two of of the world renown classic novels. The author: JOSÉ P. RIZAL.
    By Edgardo Valentino D. Olaes

  2. Wow! so true...I wish someday they would make it a full length Hollywood movie, although I would prefer a Filipino being a co-director with whoever, (I like Mel Gibson though).

  3. Thanks Paul for your wonderful comment. I prefer Lou Diamond Phillips to act as Crisostomo Ibarra and Jennifer Lopez as María Clara.
    To: Hollywood Moguls / Filmmakers
    Suggest, make a study of NOLI ME TANGERE, and survey prospective audience, or film buffs for their action, reaction, or interaction re its story.
    NOLI ME TANGERE and EL FILIBUSTERISMO are two of the world's famous classic novels.
    These are known in Spanish titles like those of other classic novels: LES MISERABLES (Fr.), CYRANO DE BERGERAC (Fr.), DON QUIXOTE DE LA MANCHA (Sp.).
    From Edgardo Valentino D. Olaes


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