May 18, 2011

Asteroid to be named after a Filipino

How would you react if somebody told you that one of the asteroids in space will be named after you?


Well, that wasn't the exact reaction of a 16 y/o DOST scholar from the Philippine Science High School (main campus), named Miguel Arnold Reyes, after he won second prize in the 2011 International Science and Engineering Fair, held in Los Angeles California.

Reyes, who won an additional 1,500 USD, for his research “Synthesis and Characterization of Composite Plastics from Thermoplastic Starch and Nano-sized Calcium Phosphate for Film Packaging,” which seeks to produce biodegradable plastic for film packaging from a composite of thermoplastics from cornstarch and nano-sized phosphate particles.

While his compatriot, Angeli Joyce Dy, of Capiz National High School garnered fourth place and 500 USD for her research on  “Milkfish (Chanos chanos Forsskal) Serum as an Alternative Media Supplement for Culture of A549 (Human Lung) and HCT 116 (Colon) Carcinomas, which aims to use Milkfish Serum as an alternative to fetal bovine serum being used as culture for Lung and Colon cancer cells.

We all hope that this is a sign that Philippine Science and Technology can really be a significant contributor to the fast advancing society of today.

What would the asteroid be named? hmmm Arnoldis? Miguelosus?

Whatever will it be, we will always remember that there's a Filipino in any place in the world...and even the universe.

Congratulations Miguel and Angeli and Mabuhay sa inyo!

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