May 18, 2011

Pinoy talent?.... We were Born This way 2.0

In the first part of my "Pinoy Talent" blog post, i mentioned that the reason there are "Pinoy youtube sensations" like Charice, Maria Aragon; pinoy talents that were sucessful abroad like Bruno Mars, APL d AP and Lea Salonga is because of their unique genetics having the 3 stars and the sun.

Each Filipino is born with an innate talent to perform. Our parents makes sure that we are prepared to perform to visitors when in parties with relatives and friends. The old reliable Karaoke machine can be a source of training as we bust out a note or two. It can also be a cause of unwanted violence (especially when "My Way" is on play)

These different talents mentioned are not only restricted to singing or dancing, there are also incredible, breath taking acts that will surely make you say we have hidden treasures that are world class.

In fact, foreign shows like american Idol and America's best dance crew will always have a Pinoy act or performer in every season.

Today, I am going to highlight 3 of the recently most influential reality shows that presents the true potential of Pinoy talent.

1. Pilipinas Got Talent

A Franchise of the "Got Talent" in the US and UK, PGT is highlighted by hosts' Luis Manzano and Billy Crawford; Celebrity
Judges, Kris Aquino, Ai-Ai De las Alas, and FM Garcia. 

The inaugural season featured the amazing talents, including the Top winner in Jovit, a singer who had the amazing voice
of Steve Perry and Bon Jovi. The Magician Alakim picked butterflies everywhere and many more!

As of typing of this blog, PGT is in its second season, and continues to show the amazing talents of the Filipino.

The positive: A great variety of talents are scouted as they roam around the country to find the worthy recipient of 2 million prize.

The negative: The text voting format to decide who gets to be the winner, is greatly influenced by the contestants' status in life and overlook some of the more deserving talents. 

2. Talentadong Pinoy

This show was kind of a copy of "got talent" franchise, having almost the same format but has its own original additions to it. Carried by TV 5, Talentadong Pinoy is now on its third season, it features death defying acts and is not limited to the usuall sing and dance format.

The show has its limits as it was only doing shows in Metro Manila in its early seasons, but later had provincial episodes/eliminations to keep up with the PGT of ABS-CBN.

Another difference with PGT was it had varying judges in every episodes making the show more diverse in catering for various acts.

The positive: It considers death defying acts, like tightrope and walking on nails as talents, which makes it a bit entertaining.

The negaive: The knockout system format of the show, tends to put pressure on the defending winner and we end up seeing an act done over and over again, which can be quite dragging.

3. Showtime

A noon time showdown by ABS-CBN, mainly featured dnce groups from all over the country. It was like "Americas Best Dance Crew" meets provincial festival. Although it gets a bit dragging with all the same type of performance every week, Showtime never comes short of Showtime value. An entertaining combination of hosts and Judges, make the whole show an entertainment package for every one to enjoy.

The positive: Its very entertaining especially with Vice Ganda, Kuya KIm and the variety of the Judges...a pack of lunchtime entertainment.

The negative: It could get a bit redundant due to some of the performace that can be somewhat repetitive.

4. Pinoy Dream Academy

The Talent search + reality show hybrid theme makes this show very entertaining, especially with the drama loving Pinoys who easily emphatize with each character as they fight their way to stardom. Only 2 seasons of this show was made by ABS, and both seasons produced quality talents with interesting personalities.

The positive: You really will get to know what it takes to become a great performer and coping life in showbizness. You will see the hardwork, triumphs and defeats in front and behind the camera.

The negative: Its limited to a singing competition, that I think we have so much of in Primetime TV.

Amidst all the network wars, the result of all of this talent searches is just to promote the quality of talent we have here in the Philippines. There's nothing that we have to be ashamed of. Too bad the world can only take notice if we go to You tube and get 2 million views.

Mabuhay ang Talent ng Pinoy!! You Got it....  

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