Sep 27, 2012

Azkals Need to Fix Glitches, Faces Macau Today

First of all, congratulations to the Azkals, for getting that win yesterday, although they just managed to squeak out a 1-0 win over Guam, there are a lot of positives and concerns that I would like to point out or highlight today.

Hopeful Future

What really stands out in that game vs. Guam was the emergence of future stars in the making:

1. Patrick Reichelt

  • Has great reflexes, has a nose for the ball and a good passer.

2. Demetrius Omphroy

  • Terrific vision, he can create Havor in the Midfield if only he had good strikers. 

3. Jeff Christaens

  • Fast, quick..many regard him as a Chieffy Junior...and hes only 21... 

4. OJ Porteria

  • Great footwork, and a great passer...he needs to fine tune he's scoring abilities though...but still young and has a lot of potential

5. Angeles Brothers, Marvin and Marwin

  • Has great leadership qualities...can be the next best Brothers in Philippine Football

We better watch out for all these guys...I hope they start in the next games together.

Consistently Inconsistent

Yes, the team did managed a win, but the win was far from impressive.10 on target attempts and 1 conversion does not look like a dominant team to me. Here are some of the reasons why the team performed poorly:

1. Poor Finishing

  • If there was a concrete definition to bad luck, it would be Wolf and Araneta, both of them got their opportunities but could not capitalize. They need to regain their confidence back, or else they will be replaced by the younger ones. 

2. Gel Factor

  • The game against Guam was I think the first time this group of guys played together as a unit...its obvious that the passes were not anticipated, poor execution. I guess the the Younghusbands absence would actually be for the better of the team, coz it gives them a wider way to build up players. 

3. Solid 11?

  • The first half of the game with Guam was for me a disaster, while the second half played with more cohesion and timing...They need to fix their lineup against Macau if they would want to win. 

4. External Distractions

  • Well, different reactions from mainstream and social media did in fact made an impact in the team. Even the audience in Rizal Memorial was a drought, I hope the PFF would consider to play in other places of the Philippines like Cebu or in Mindanao.

I think the management should address these concerns and show us some results in their game later today against Macau. Its going to be a close one, but if they will have the same type of game they had against Guam, i'm afraid to say that we might....MIGHT be in for a tough loss. Let's pray it wont.

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