Sep 16, 2012

Thy Womb: Another Epic Film from Brillante Mendoza

Brillante Mendoza is touring the Film Festivals All over the world to promote his newest Film "Thy Womb", starring Nora Aunor, Lovi Poe, Bembol Roco and Mercedes Cabral.

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The movie features the Sama tribe of Tawi-Tawi, an island province in the southern most islands of the Philippines. It talks about the story of Shaleha (Nora Aunor), A Midwife, who ironically has suffered her third miscarriage and is agonizing for not being able to bear a child to her Husband Bangas-an (Roco). To fulfill her husbands' wish to have a child she decides to find a new partner for her husband. She finds her, but on the eve of her husband's second marriage, she is consumed by jealousy.

The movie trailer (below) shows some glimpse of the culture of the Sama tribe as well as the socio-economic dilemma it faces. The province is seen by outsiders as a breeding ground for terrorist and criminals. It seems from the trailer, the movie is tying to portray a "realistic" Tawi-Tawi.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of THY WOMB...we are proud of you!

You can follow the movie on their  Facebook page.

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