Jun 4, 2010

Principles for Success Series

I was looking at my computer for the last 2 hours, thinking of what else to write on my blog, and an idea suddenly popped like a light bulb lighting up. I remembered four months ago when I was still searching for who to vote for president. What criteria should my leader have? Should he be popular? eloquent? driven? may dating? I started listening to forums on youtube and doing all the research I can fathom.

To cut the long story short, I ended up voting for Dick Gordon. I know he lost the elections, but i was so convinced that he was the leader that I was waiting for to put this country back on the global map. I was really struck with his passion and love of country.

Today I'm starting a series of commentaries about "The 10 Principles for Success" by Dick Gordon . I know some of you may ask, why talk about this? Well I think the Filipino people deserve to be successful. We bear  the character and traits enough to propel us to be the best that we can be. But what hinders us to successful? Its only but fitting to share this to everyone knowing that we will be celebrating our independence day this June 12. Let's be proud of being Pinoy!! Here are the 10 Principles:

1. Aim High, be ambitious
2. Have the right work ethic
3. Learn a skill
4. Work, save, invest, and prosper
5. Help
6. Lead by example
7. Be independent
8. Learn from your mistakes
9. Be assertive 
10. Make Fear your friend

I am going to highlight each of these Principles, and relate them to our daily life as Filipinos. Below is the campaign song of Sen Gordon..."Bagumbayan". Listen to the lyrics and let the message of the song inspire us to become better Filipinos



  1. Nice! keep it up! Looking forward to read more of your blogs..


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