Apr 10, 2012

Will Jessica Sanchez Win American Idol 11?

The Big question in all Filipino American Idol viewers out there is...Will Jessica Sanchez go all the way? Will she be the first ever Filipino to bag the title of American Idol?

With all the recent praises we hear about this Pinoy singing phenom, it seems she is becoming a pretty strong candidate to win American Idol. Here's OnwardPhilippines 3 reasons why Jessica Sanchez is going to win the 11th season of American Idol.

1. Amazing Voice
  • Since that "I Will Always Love You" performance, Jessica began to turn heads and catch the attention of fans that propelled her to the top spot.Her range and voice quality at her age is just mind boggling to the viewers and the judges alike. As seen here in her recent performance of "How will I Know", she shows her versatility and range that continued to surprise the judges J-Lo and Randy.

2. Charisma and Stage Presence
  • . Jessica has this swagger that she alone carries, an evidence of much experience for all the talent contests she had in her belt. At 16, Jessica exudes with so much confidence in the stage that she just tops every performance she had before.

3. Roots

  • Filipinos are born performers, if these 3 judges would come visit the Philippines, they would realize how rich the Filipino singing talent is. From the smallest Barangay to the biggest stage of Pinoy Showbiz, a flood of singing talent is there for their picking. Jessica's Filipino and Mexican roots will play a very important role to propel her to probably the pinnacle of her young career

Yes, we think Jessica will win, but just to make things more interesting...who will she face in the Finals? We think this video holds the clue. What do you guys think? Whatever the result will be, Jessica We are all Proud of You!

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